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The Chocolatier - coming soon

The Chocolatier - coming soon

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Working with chocolate has never been so easy! Orchestrate your ideal chocolate with the Chocolatier.

Easy to make professional-level chocolate like a chocolatier:

  • Fancy chocolate creations
  • Glossy chocolate
  • Chocolate breaks with a snap (no crumbling!)
  • No need to keep your homemade chocolate refrigerated

Everyone can make chocolates at home:

  • Guaranteed success, with automatic cycles for each chocolate type: dark, milk, and white
  • Kid safe
  • Easy to clean, low mess
  • Friendly and simple operation
  • Small footprint on the counter

Technical specifications:

  • The Chocolatier is a smart tempering machine
  • Automatic pre-programmed heating and cooling cycles for different chocolate recipes: milk, dark, white
  • Has a manual mode for temperature control customization
  • Chocolate max. capacity: 2 lbs.
  • Removable bowl for convenient pour and cleaning
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