Q1:       Do I need prior knowledge to make chocolate with DIY Home Chocolat kits?

A1:       No need. With DIY Home Chocolat kits anyone can make chocolate at home


Q2:      What do I need at home to make chocolate with DIY Home Chocolat kits?

A2:       You will need a way to melt and mix the chocolate ingredients, a tray or rigid board to put underneath your mold or baking paper (where you’ll pour your chocolate), and a fridge where you’ll let your chocolate to cool down.


Q3:      What are the recommended methods to melt the chocolate?

A3:       There are two common methods to gently heat the chocolate ingredients in order to melt them without burning:

  1. Microwaving the chocolate ingredients in a heat-resistant bowl. Use short pulses (15-20 seconds each). Mix after each pulse with a spoon or spatula until you get a uniform mixture
  2. Melt the chocolate ingredients in a double-boiler on your stove. Constantly mix with a spoon or spatula until you get a uniform mixture


Q4:      Where should I keep Home Chocolat kits?

A4:      Store Home Chocolat kits in a dry and cool environment


Q5:      Where should I keep the chocolate I made

A5:      Your homemade chocolate will be best kept in the fridge in a closed box. You can also keep it outside the fridge in a dry and cool environment.


Q6:      My homemade chocolate has white spots on it. Is it spoiled?

A6:       Your chocolate is not spoiled, and is safe to eat. It is out of temper and might have a crumbly texture. You can re-melt it to remove the white spots and crumbly texture. If you do that, it's best to eat on the same or next day, before the white spots return.


Q7:    What can I add to my chocolate? Should I use only the inclusions I got with the kits?

A7:    You can add anything you like to the chocolate. You can try and experiment with what you have at home. Remember it is food, so please add only safe food to your chocolate (keep you dog’s food out 😉). 


Q8:    Should I give the chocolate I made to my pet?

A8:    No. Giving chocolate is a beautiful way to show love. However, it is not safe for most pets, so stick with people.