About Us

Hi, we’re Liora and Julia, and Home Chocolat is our dream.

Liora Omer and Julia Petukhov, Home Chocolat's founders

Our vision is to change how people consume chocolate, enabling everyone to make their own homemade chocolate, as suits their needs and desires.

It is so easy to make chocolate at home, we want it to be a common practice, just like baking a simple cake!  

​To make this dream come true we had to learn everything, but everything, about chocolate.  

We discovered that chocolate could be much more than the bar you can purchase in the local store. We began to develop the palate and taste, and discover that the world of cocoa is similar to the world of wine: it is affected by the different growing conditions, soil quality, amount of rain, quality of cocoa beans themselves, and the artistic nuances of the producer and the chocolate maker. They all affect the final taste. 

We entered the lab and developed a process that we filed for an international patent. It is a process that separates the raw materials of the chocolate as we know them, and allows everyone in their home environment to easily produce chocolate.  

In each kit you will find all the ingredients you will need. You will not have to run to the grocery store to buy anything! Everything is already in the kit: cocoa, sweetener, milk or mylk, surprising toppings, detailed preparation instructions and more. 

Warning: Making chocolate is addictive :)