How to prepare home made chocolate with Home Chocolat kits

How to prepare homemade chocolate with Home Chocolat's kits

It is so simple, easy, and fast to make chocolate with home chocolat's kits.

1. Gently melt and mix the chocolate ingredients:
Put the chocolate ingredients in a bowl (without flavorings and toppings), and heat the bowl while mixing
Illustration of heating chocolate ingredients in a bowl while mixing
We have two recommended heating methods to choose from:
- Double boiler (bain-marie)
- Microwave in short pulses
Illustration of heating using a double boilerIllustration of microwaving in short pulses of 15 seconds
2. Melt remaining lumps by mixing without heating:
When there are only a few lumps remaining, stop heating and melt them away by mixing. This way we keep the chocolate tempered
Illustration of mixing

3. Pour the chocolate into the mold:
When the mixture is uniform and smooth, pour into a flexible mold. Put a tray or rigid board underneath

Pouring the chocolate into the mold illustration
4. Sprinkle some toppings:
Nuts, dried fruit, or candy, unleash your imagination
Sprinkling toppings on your chocolate illustration
5. Refrigerate for about an hour:
Your amazing chocolate need its time to cool down and solidify. It’s very difficult to wait patiently, so it could be helpful to lick the bowl clean while you wait
Refrigerate chocolate for 60 minutes
6. Remove from refrigerator while covered with a clean towel:
Wait for a few moments for the chocolate to warm a bit before uncovering it, to avoid humidity condensation on the cool chocolate
Leave the chocolate covered for two minutes to get to room temperature
7. Extract the chocolate from the mold

8. Enjoy!


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