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Keto-friendly chocolate experience

Keto-friendly chocolate experience

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Choose two DIY Chocolate Kits to make this month, and toppings to go with them:

Create chocolate that is good for you!

Each month you'll enjoy 2 low-sugar chocolate recipes of your choice.

The sugar-free kits are sweetened with zero-calories sweetener, a formulation of maltitol and erythritol. The 90% cocoa kit contains (a little) organic cane sugar as a sweetener.

All the keto-friendly kits are low-sugar and produce chocolate that contain less than 15% carbohydrates (only the chocolate, without toppings).

Choose 2 DIY Chocolate Kits to make this month, and the toppings that goes with them.

You can change your selection every month.

2 silicone molds are included with the first month box, so you'll be set for your chocolate party!


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