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Perfect chocolate experience for kids and as gifts
  • Clean label

    all made from natural ingredients, it doesn’t get any cleaner and clearer than that. You can literally see what’s in your chocolate: 100% cocoa, your sweetener of choice, and milk if you're making milk or white chocolate. Each ingredient block contains cocoa butter, the natural oil of the cocoa, and tiny mounts of soy lecithin. These are added to allow the ingredient’s processing to a smooth indulgent texture.

  • Sustainable chocolate

    We work with an awesome
    chocolate manufacturer in Brazil, Dengo Chocolates.

    They nurture a network of local small and mid-sized farmers of high-quality cocoa who support conscious farming - People who believe in sharing value and preserving the nature. They practice regenerative farming by agroforestery, and their cocoa is AMAZING!

  • Healthier chocolate

    We use only the best ingredients. Our chocolate taste is so good that we don’t need to add lots of sugar to make it an indulgent treat.

    For example, A common milk bar contains almost 5 tsp of sugar per 100 g /3.5 oz more than our sweet and creamy milk chocolate.

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How to make chocolate with DIY Chocolate Kit